Our Educators

Joanne is our Director and is responsible for managing the Centre. She brings several years of experience in the Early Childhood setting. You’ll typically find Joanne floating between rooms as she interacts with the children, as well as in the office too. She’s at the Centre every day except for Wednesdays, to answer any questions you may have.

Stephanie is responsible for managing the centre, having completed her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. She is also seen floating between different rooms and teaching with the kids, as well as in the office too. Steph is at the centre 5 days per week, to assist with your queries.

Tina is our Centre’s Cook. She’s responsible for all the delicious and nutritious meals that are served to the kids daily. Tina has many years of experience cooking and catering and brings a wealth of joy to our centre. She enjoys a fantastic relationship with the kids and the staff alike.

Meet the lovely Becky. Becky is part of the Nursery and has completed her Diploma in Children’s Services. She’s responsible for the programming and planning for our 0-2 year olds and can be found working hard away from Monday to Friday inclusive.

This is Ashleigh, she’s studying her Certificate III with us through a traineeship. Ashleigh has a background in hospitality and has embarked on her journey in the Childhood space with us. She’s currently with us 5 days per week and is always bubbly and full of life!

Meet Chelsea, she’s currently studying her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood. Chelsea works very closely with the 2-3 year olds in the Centre’s Nursery. She’s usually in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, in accordance with her University timetable and is set to become full time with us, upon completion of her studies.

Chantele is another one of our teachers who interacts closely with all the children in the Nursery. She’s a mum herself so she has a few handy techniques and a wealth of experience to go alongside her Certificate III in Children’s Services. She works with us full time and is always available for a friendly chat.

Lisa is our Room Leader and has her qualifications through a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood. She comes from a background filled with extensive experience and is responsible for the readiness programs, for our 4-5 year olds.

Meet Mikaela, she’s completed her Diploma in Children’s Services and is currently completing her Bachelor’s Degree. Mikaela is responsible for the programming of our 3-4 year olds, alongside Lisa and is available every day except Wednesday.

This is Jackie. Jackie has completed her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and works alongside of both, Lisa and Mikaela, in the pre-school room. Jackie always ensures the children are feeling safe, secure and supported. Jackie works with us full time.

Meet Kelsey, she has her Diploma in Children’s Services and works with us in the afternoons in the Preschool Room. She is here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.