Owl Babies (0-2 years)

Leaving a Baby/Toddler in childcare can be a stressful time for parents. When the child isn’t old enough to communicate their needs or likes and dislikes, it is often difficult for parents to imagine anyone else being able to look after their baby.

The educators at McGraths Hill Learning Centre have been the skills needed to care for and understand the special needs of babies and toddlers. They all have the patience, temperament and understanding you need to look after a baby.

Our babies use full-size cots for rest-time, and our nappy change facilities ensure high standards of hygiene are maintained at all times.


Hungry Caterpillars (2-3 years)

This group is always busy and on the move. The programme provides toddlers a chance to play and learn with age appropriate toys in a safe and secure environment.

Designed with little fingers in mind, all of the facilities are safe for toddlers with special seating, tables and beds/cots that are placed out for sleep time. Our educators love working with toddlers and engage the children in a variety of programmed activities that allow them to explore their creativity and physical abilities as well as encouraging them to interact with other children.


Our Daily Routine

Every baby/toddler is different, we work with you to ensure your home routine is followed as closely as possible with the little ones.

We try to keep sleep times and routines as similar as possible to the way you do things at home, to minimise any disruption and make your baby comfortable. We even keep a daily chart so you can see what your baby has done each day (sleeping, eating, nappy changes, etc).

What to bring
Changes of clothes (clearly labelled)
Formula, bottles, dummies (all clearly labelled)
Water bottle

We provide
Breakfast, morning tea, cooked lunch, afternoon tea, late afternoon tea
Milk including (soy, full cream, rice, etc)
Cancer Council Approved Sunhats and 30+ sunscreen
All bedding